Seamless Siding

Seamless Steel Siding in Lincoln, NE

Your siding is one of the first things a person notices about your home. It can be the single difference between a property that looks cared for and one that appears dilapidated. But besides affecting curb appeal, what else does your siding do?
You could think of siding as the skin of your Lincoln, NE home. It protects the building's structure and interior from damaging outside forces, like snow and rain.

Since your siding has two important functions-design and protection-it's a material worth investing in. Choose Innovations Siding & Windows for your property upgrade and we'll find the perfect siding for your home.

Consider Seamless Steel Siding for Your Exterior

When you purchase a home in Lincoln, NE, you know that you're going to experience your fair share of wind, rain and hail. If your siding isn't up to the task, it may be time to consider an upgrade.
At Innovations Siding & Windows, we recommend seamless steel siding installation to all of our clients. Unlike traditional siding, this custom product is cut onsite to create a snug, seamless fit for your home. As a result, you'll have fewer maintenance concerns over time.

Our seamless steel siding is made of 28-gauge, triple tempered steel. This material is beautiful, durable, and long-lasting. Plus, it's much more resistant to the elements than its vinyl and wood counterparts.

Call for More Information

Does seamless steel siding sound like an appealing solution to your home's exterior needs? Give our Lincoln, NE office a call. We will happily provide more information about our materials and installation services. When you're ready to move forward, we can even schedule an appointment to discuss your project in greater detail.

Get in touch by calling us at (402) 423-8831. Or, send an email to and we will respond promptly.
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