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Your home is your investment and when it comes to adding something new or replacing something old, you want a product you can trust to stand up to Mother Nature at her best--as well as something that is appealing. Innovations Siding & Windows in Lincoln, NE offers only the finest brand name products in the industry, so that you can feel good about what our installers are putting on your home or business. 
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Innovations Siding and Windows is an exclusive dealer for the finest line of true tempered extruded vinyl windows on the market, today – EcoSmart by Great Lakes Window. We have a wide variety of window styles and colors from which to choose, and all of our windows are custom-made to meet your specific remodeling needs. Widen your view and increase the beauty of your home’s interior with a bow, bay or garden window. Durable construction delivers long term performance and security. We offer a triple pane glass with double low-E and Krypton or Argon gas for an R factor up to R10 in the glass and up to a R24 in the frame. Also available is a double pane glass with Low-E and Krypton or Argon Gas. There are many available wood grain interiors which never needs painted or stained. We also have wood window options with various colors and/or customer color matching. With our wood windows we have a dual cladding on the exterior of the frame that keeps the frame from rotting. Call today to hear how our warranties are superior to our competition.

Over the years, we have achieved extremely high-customer satisfaction and that is the reason we have determined that these are the best doors on the market, and it is our goal to install only the very best in each of our lines of product. We offer steel and fiberglass doors with custom inside and outside colors. Our doors offer one of the highest R-Factors in America. Custom hardware styles from nickel satin to oil rubbed bronze are available.

Seamless Siding
There is only one seamless siding in America and that truly is seamless steel. Despite what our competition says, it is impossible to have a seamless vinyl siding without breaks and splices in the wall. According to the Guinness book of world records the longest run of seamless steel siding is 236’9”. Innovations have installed panels as long as 110’. We do not have a PVC coating on our steel siding. Instead we offer a 28 gauge, triple tempered steel with a proprietary “ceramic” coating which is enhanced with DuPont™ Teflon® surface protector. Call today to hear about our lifetime warranty.
We also offer a wide selection of solid vinyl products in a variety of styles and we have recently added a foam backed vinyl siding. We have numerous vinyl siding styles from which to choose, each of which comes with a warranty to assure you of lasting quality.

Steel Roofing
We understand Mother Nature can be tough on your roof, that's why we offer one of the industry’s best steel roofing products from Metro. Metro’s stone-coated Galvalume® steel roof comes in uniquely designed profiles to suit any home. Whether you choose MetroROMAN®, Metro TILE®, MetroSHAKE®, or MetroSHINGLE®, they all create a timeless, long-lasting roof system for your home. Metro panel profiles are available in a select highly reflective color range that meets Energy Star® requirements. They can withstand hail, rain, snow, fire and wind, all while providing greater long-term savings and peace of mind. Innovations Siding & Windows specializes in making sure our customers get the exact steel roof they want at a price they can afford. Ask about how we can help you find a roof solution for your project and what warranties we carry.

Seamless Gutters
Here at Innovations Siding & Windows we offer fascia style gutters. These gutters carry 25% more water than K-5 Aluminum gutters. Aluminum gutters expand and contract more than steel. Our gutters and downspouts are custom-cut on-site to assure highest quality fit and lasting performance. We offer a wide range of colors in either Teflon® coated or smooth finish. 
We also offer the patented and perfected TruGuard® gutter protection system. The surface dimensions of the TruGuard® System’s specially shaped nose-forward design is guaranteed to provide the maximum amount of surface tension, therefore handling as much or more water than any other gutter protection system. Each cover is made of high performance alloy and special ceramic pigment adds beauty, protects from the sun’s harsh rays, and reduces the threat of tree branches or other objects damaging your gutters. The TruGuard® System does not penetrate the roof shingles, but instead it is anchored through the fascia board. “Smart Clip™” attachment brackets provide a strong connection ensuring the stability of every cover.

Before and after pictures of a seamless siding contractor and his work in Lincoln, NE. The siding is vinyl.
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